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The Nobel Prizewinner And The Chorus Girl
Original title: El Nobel y la corista

The Nobel Prizewinner And The Chorus Girl

Original title: El Nobel y la corista

At times the past breaks through with impetuous force and upsets an apparently calm existence. This is what happens to Jimena and her daughter Vera when they discover in an old attic the letters of her grandmother Margot Denís, a woman who triumphed in Spain in the 1920s, whose beauty and whose work as a vedette allowed her to meet the leading lights of her decade, like King Alfonso XIII and Albert Einstein.

The Nobel Prizewinner spent ten days in Spain and left a note in his diary about his meeting with a mysterious woman. Jimena and Vera suspect that woman may be Margot. Mother and daughter, guided by her writings, set forth on an investigation that will change their lives.

A story set in golden years when young women smoked, rolled up their skirts, drove sports cars, danced the Charleston. Margot was one of those women, proud to feel free, though her liberation would turn out to be all too fleeting.

Highlights The Nobel Prizewinner And The Chorus Girl


Nativel Preciado talks to us about the Nobel Prizewinner and the chorus of people who lived it up during the Belle Epoque.

“Nativel Preciado investigates the ups and downs of genius in the ferment of the interwar period, with its Bugattis, the Charleston, and the first women to smoke Egyptian cigarettes with ivory holders.” Manuel Vicent, El País.

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Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-6160-4 | Imprint: Espasa

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