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The House of Alabaster Gods
Original title: La casa de los dioses de alabastro

The House of Alabaster Gods

Original title: La casa de los dioses de alabastro

The year 1559. The young Brianda, of the Santángel line, a family of accursed women, must bear the twin burdens of both her name and her beauty. When she turns sixteen, her aunt Sabina summons her to Zaragoza to become the governess of Leonor, the sickly youngest child of the Zaporta family.

There, Brianda will meet and learn to love her aunt and cousin but also other people, such as Gabriel Zaporta, her aunt's husband, Luis, a son from Gabriel's first marriage, and Perla, a mysterious Jewish maid who, together with her aunt, seems to be hiding a strange secret. Soon, Brianda will understand that fate has not led her to Zaragoza to become a nanny, but to uncover the mystery that weighs down on the house of Zaporta and all its inhabitants...

The long awaited novel from the queen of the historical genre, Magdalena Lasala. A gripping story of love and hatred, lust, passion, betrayal and deceit in an enticing historical context: Renaissance Zaragoza.

Several generations of women bound together under a single name, a cursed line in which none of the women can keep hold of the man they love. A forbidden book that predicts the future of Zaragoza and the inhabitants of the house of Zaporta.

A story of impossible love, three unforgettable women. A secret that will remain hidden forever...

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Publishing date: | 448 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-4017-5 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca