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Red nº1
Original title: Rojo nº 1/3

Red nº1

Original title: Rojo nº 1/3

Get in on the exciting action that seduced readers of The Walkers with a new universe where vampires take control.

On a military base in New Jersey, they are guarding a terrible vampire. When she escapes, apocalyptic terror breaks out in the form of a vampire plague. In the nearby town of Hillsdale, two survivors meet up: Sonia, a police officer, and Jimmy, a brilliant Star Wars geek. Both go to the military base, where they run into Elexia, a vampire charged with converting human beings. When they flee, they meet Jared, a foul-mouthed soldier, a violent drunk who abandons his post to kill these lethal creatures.

This is the beginning of an adventure that will force the three heroes to fight to survive the plague that has taken over much of the United States, as they will discover. But there may be a little hope, a way to beat Elexia…

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Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0654-2 | Imprint: Minotauro

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