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Believe in Yourself
Original title: Cree en ti
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Believe in Yourself

Original title: Cree en ti
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Why do some people find it easy to get what they want while others struggle?

Are you sick of the fact that your life never changes?

While you remain unaware of who you are and don’t bother to get to know yourself, you’ll be the puppet of your subconscious.

“What will my life be like in ten years if I keep doing the same thing? The answer was so clear that at the age of 35 I gave up everything to go in search of myself and what I was missing so keenly. I left my job as an architect, my flat, my city, my country and the people I loved the most to go live in the Black Forest in search of answers. There, I began to connect with my essence and what I really loved. And after that, all the answers came at once. A year before I started to write this book I realized why my life had got to where it was. Why I hadn’t managed to experience my biggest dreams. I saw how the beliefs that my mind had absorbed in its first seven years had directed and governed the rest of my life.”

This title was self-edited for the first time and sold in Amazon. Later on it started to be seen in book-shops too. 

Highlights Believe in Yourself


This new edition has been revised and expanded with highlighted information and illustrations.


The new phenomena of domestic self help based on ‘self-empowerment’. 

Rights sold

Le Cherche Midi (France), Pedio S.A. (Greece).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23553-8 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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