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Why Does My Stomach Hurt?
Original title: ¿Por qué me duele la tripa?
Category: Non-Fiction | Health

Why Does My Stomach Hurt?

Original title: ¿Por qué me duele la tripa?
Category: Non-Fiction | Health

Digestive repair, microbiota, slimming and health

Understanding what the microbiota is, how bacteria work, which foods are good for you and why, how to combat irritable bowel syndrome or hiatal hernia, what you should know about probiotics before using them or which dishes help you lose weight without starving yourself are just some examples of the many topics covered in this book.

Faced with the demand she receives daily in her practice, Ángela Quintas wastes no time in this book. Absent all scientific rhetoric, you will find here accessible answers to identify pathologies related to stomachaches or other digestive discomforts. In addition, to complete the explanations, the book includes specific menus and more than thirty healthy and easy recipes with market ingredients within everyone's reach.

In addition to bad digestion, a poor diet can significantly influence mood swings, some skin problems and even those headaches for which there is no apparent explanation.

No more excuses: your health can change for the better, it is in your hands to achieve this!

From the hand of a great prescriber with many years of experience consultating on nutrition, weight loss and digestive repair, this book is a practical and powerful tool that will solve in a simple way many doubts related to food and health.

The great expert in nutrition returns with the definitive work to identify, understand and repair digestive system diseases. The book includes recipes and specific menus for each pathology.

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-25335-8 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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