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Easy Portuguese
Original title: Portugués fácil
Category: Non-Fiction

Easy Portuguese

Original title: Portugués fácil
Category: Non-Fiction

The most simple and efficient course for learning languages at your own rhythm.

The most innovative, pleasant, and efficient method for learning languages at your own rhythm and without effort.

In this book, you will find:

Multiple communicative situations to acquire and practice basic vocabulary and the most common expressions of today.

Broad selection of conversational examples taken from the most common and everyday contexts to employ in all kinds of situations: in hotels, at the bank, in a taxi, at the hairdresser; shopping, at the theater, at the cinema; eating out or drinking; navigating the internet…

The main grammatical rules explained in a logical progression and an easily understandable form.

Notes and warnings about the most frequent errors Spanish speakers make when speaking these languages.

Self-evaluation exercises to keep systematic control over everything you’ve learned. 

Have fun!

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4245-0 | Imprint: Espasa

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