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Recover Your Power
Original title: Recupera tu poder
Category: Non-Fiction

Recover Your Power

Original title: Recupera tu poder
Category: Non-Fiction


Free your mind and body and live your own life.


Life has given us a lot of power, but for centuries our mind has been conditioned by limiting beliefs that have led us to forget our true capabilities and disconnect from our inner wisdom, intuition, and instinct. And those beliefs have slowly conditioned our bodies.

In this book you will find words, tools, and powerful exercises to free your body and mind from those emotions and beliefs that weaken, paralyze, or overwhelm you.

The tools contained in Recover Your Power will help you connect with your life force, your inner confidence, and your clarity so you can move forward with joy and determination towards the life you wholeheartedly desire and deserve to live: your own life.


The new and long-awaited book by Rut Nieves: a journey to the emotional reasons of the heart to reconnect with our body and mind.

A revealing and mobilizing book.


The new book by Rut Nieves, author of the series Believe in You, which has already won the hearts of 500,000 readers.

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Publishing date: | 368 pages | ISBN: 978-950-49-7915-9 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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